Emmy Rossum Hairstyles 2013

Emmy Rossum Hairstyles 2013 24

“More than beautiful, glamorous and stylish!”, this is how I can describe the look of the gorgeous starlet Emmy Rossum since 2013 started, and that’s why I have decided to present you a lookbook of the hairstyles worn by her this year. Okay, are you ready, my dear ladies?! I know that you are, so let’s start! The “Inside” actress hasn’t stopped charming us with her retro slicked back straight, luscious curly or glossy finger wavy flowing locks since the year started. Does this mean that she hasn’t sported other modern styles of flowing dos, you know like the straight, loose wavy, curly and messy ones?! Of course not, so far she’s worn most of them! So, this makes us say that Emmy has rocked all styles of down dos, but simply we can say that the retro ones have been the most worn.

You need to know that the “Summer Wind” singer has sported diverse styles of updos, and you also have to know that many of them have been of vintage look! Yes, ladies, it seems that the star has chosen to relive the old Hollywood glamour in 2013!! Aren’t you curious to know how she’s up done her long brunette hair locks? Rossum has been seen wearing a braided bun accented with a diamond head piece which looks spectacular, stunning, and eye catching. What styles else? Actually, I’m going to let you answer this question. Besides updos and down dos, the “Beautiful Creatures” star has opted for a sideswpet ponytail, which is so alluring and stylish.

In addition, the gorgeous songstress has been seen wearing braids more than once during the year which also look alluring and soft. The last hairdos that you can see in today’s lookbook are the half up- half down dos which aren’t less spectacular, alluring or stylish than the last mentioned ones. That’s it, my dear readers. Yes, we’re done! Actually no, we’re not yet! How? As I forgot to mention that the star has debuted a short red pixie cut in addition to a medium length blonde bob cut in 2013. Shocked, aren’t you?! Ladies, don’t be shocked at all as those short and medium haircuts were just wigs. Yeah, she has not cut her signature long hair. By the way, you have to know that she wore those wigs because of her role in the “Beautiful Creatures” movie. Now, I can tell you that we’ve reached the end of the singer’s hairstyles lookbook. So goodbye, my dear readers and see you later….


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