Elizabeth Banks New Hair Color 2013

Elizabeth Banks New Hair Color 2013 1

Brunette, brunette, brunette, bru…..! Okay, let’s all take a nap, then wakeup and keep saying brunette, brunette, …. Dear ladies. Did you really go to sleep?! Oh no! I was kidding with you. Okay, let’s stop kidding and start talking seriously. Don’t you agree with me that going brunette has become like the default thing that many of our beloved stars, both men and women, have been doing since 2013 started?! Yes, right? Aha! Beauties, another celeb has recently showed off her new brown hair.

Who is she?! Hmm.. Do you remember who said before, “I got more attention as a blonde”? No! you don’t! Okay, the actress, producer and director Elizabeth Banks is the one who said that, in 2011. Whaaat? Banks is now a brunette!! OH! Yaaah, ladies, she’s done exactly the same as Jennifer Lawrence, Britney Spears and other stars, and ditched her fabulous blonde hair locks for chestnut ones. The “Movie 43” starlet showed off her newly debuted hair color while out and about in Los Angeles a few days ago. What?! Are you really asking me what I think of their newly-dyed locks? Actually, I think that they are gorgeous and sexy too, but what about you, dear readers?!

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