Elisabeth Moss New Hair Color 2012

Elisabeth Moss New Hair Color 2012

Hello, our precious readers, how are you? Would you please tell me your opinions about the platinum blonde hair color debuted by Elisabeth Moss earlier in 2012? I’m pretty sure that there’re some of you who would say; “It’s so gorgeous and hot. I’d kill for it!!” while there’re others who would say; “Platinum what?! I don’t like it at all! I loved her dark brunette hair much more than this one!” I know that many of you are about to ask me; “which opinion or group is right?!”So sorry, my dear ladies, I can’t answer such a question. Why so? As the “Mad Men” actress has already answered it!!

Why are you wondering?! Moss has proved to all her fans, yet the whole world, that the second group is so, so and yet another so right and that’s by dying her hair dark brunette. I can imagine some of you jumping up in the air and saying “Whoooo Hoooooo, I was right!!” Okay, let’s skip the crazy moment and continue our work! Now is the time to answer two important questions which are; “how have I known about this new hair makeover?”, and “when has the star done it?”

I have to tell you that I’ve known about this makeover by coincidence! Since a few weeks ago, I’ve seen some pictures of Elisabeth wearing a dark bobbed hair while she was going to attend a concert with her friends. This was the answer to the couple of questions asked in the previous section. Now, what’s left for us to say?! Nothing, I guess! No, no, wait! There’s something left for you to say, which is your opinion about Moss’s new hair color. Tell us, do you love it or not?!

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