Effusion Perfume for Men by Iceberg

10 years passed, but this fragrance is still holding its position!! It’s Effusion perfume launched by Iceberg in 2001, a fragrance for men. This Iceberg fragrance has a strong name, so it must have strong characteristics too. Effusion will give you a strong and woody scent for a nice smell with a great attitude, it will fill you with adventure and make you daring. If you don’t just hit the stores and just grab a bottle of perfume, then you need to check this Effusion perfume, because it is a classy perfume only for selective men who do care about the perfume they apply and really want a luxurious great smell. Effusion comes in a unique great bottle that will just make you love to have the fragrance more. Because Effusion gives you that great smell, it is suitable for everyday use for a confident masculine impression all day and everyday. Effusion perfume combines the top notes of apple, lime, grapefruit, aniseed, black pepper, and the middle notes of freesia, rose, orange blossom, and the base notes of patchouli, white cedar, licorice, Mysore sandalwood, white musk.

Effusion Perfume for Men by Iceberg 11

Effusion Perfume for Men by Iceberg 2

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