Eau de Toilette for Men

What is an eau de toilette? What is the difference between it and an eau de parfum? When do you use an eau de toilette and what are the best brands of eau de toilette available in the market? This post will help you identify the answers to these questions and have a clearer and wider image on the term “Eau de Toilette”. The term Eau de Toilette is referred to a perfume containing only form 6-10 % of its concentration as a perfume with the rest being alcohol and water base, so it is considered a light perfume with no intensive smells, primarily made as splashes for a freshening mood. Eau de toilettes are meant to keep you fresh, cool and give you nice smells, they can be great when you spray them in the morning for a refreshing light scent to help you wake up and feel the energy you need to start you day. Eau de parfums are usually more concentrated than eau de toilettes with higher perfume concentrations. Many of the known brands make different kinds of eau de toilettes with many different scents so that you can choose what best goes with your style and to pick up your favorite scents. From the best eau de toilettes launched in the market are; Star by Thierry Mugler, Cool Water by Davidoff, Lanvin L’Homme Sport, Summer by Burberry and Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani.

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