Eau de Cologne for Men

The term Eau de Cologne was stated as a perfume trademark for Cologne Germany. An Eau de Cologne has a perfume with concentration 3-5 % perfume(oils) with the rest being alcohol and water base, this is less than the oil concentration in an eau de toilette or a perfume. Eau de Cologne can also be called just Cologne and it mostly refers to a man’s perfume. Since eau de Cologne has the lowest concentration of oils in all perfume types, it can most likely be used as a splash for a light scent giving a fresh feeling. From the best eau de cologne for men in the market you can find; Eau de Lacoste Cologne by Lacoste, Baldessarini by Hugo Boss, Passion for men by Elizabeth Taylor, Diesel Fuel for Life Cologne by Diesel and Mustang Cologne by Estee Lauder.

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