Easy DIY Summer Bracelet

DIY Easy Summer Bracelet 1


Life is always that bit better when you come across a clever little DIY idea that produces something really pretty. Creating accessories for your outfits should always be high up on the list of popular projects. We know that some of you are lucky enough to have some spare time for larger projects, but we also know some of you don’t. However, being short on time doesn’t mean that DIY projects are impossible for you to do. Thanks to Useful DIY we spotted one of those perfect highly rewarding DIY craft projects we know that many of you will enjoy doing, and that you will also have a great time showing off the results of your DIY efforts. Usually we would include detailed instructions under each image for a DIY project, but here there is hardly any need to tell you what to do as everything is very clear from the images we have selected for you.


As for what you need. Well the great thing about this project is that it is a great way or recycling old bangles. You might have some of these hidden away in a box in your bedroom or you can easily pick them up in a thrift shop for next to nothing. Of course keeping an eye out for local garage sales will usually uncover some old bangles too. Next you will want some bright colored thread, or a medium yarn, and some strong adhesive. Finally you just need some split rings and charms to attach to the bracelt. You can choose the color yourself for these – silver, copper, gold or brass are the most common colors, but you can find these pre-painted too. To begin with, put a small amount of adhesive on one spot on a bangle. Then attach one end of the colored thread to it, and wind it round the bangle until you have covered the whole area and you have worked your way back to the point where you started. Add another dab of glue to the bangle and stick the other end of the thread to it, then cut off any excess. Leave the glue to dry for an hour and then start to attach the split rings. A good tip is to attach lots more split rings than you need for charms. Then attach a selection of charms and the bracelet is complete. For an extra-special effect, create five or six bracelets like this, but in different colors, to create a rainbow effect.




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