Easy DIY Rainbow Loom Starburst Bracelet [Video]

DIY Rainbow Loom Starburst Bracelet

Having watched this video it is clear that Ashley and Steph are two budding young fashion gurus. We love these great DIY projects where a bit of skill, a lot of patience, and plenty of enthusiasm produce great results. In this case, the prize for talented Stylishevers is a really great looking rainbow loom starburst bracelet. This was one of Steph’s projects and we really enjoyed her presentation and how clearly she explained everything, which makes life so much easier, especially if you have not tried this before. As for the finished product, well sometimes DIY crafts just don’t turn out as you might hope. However the good news is that definitely isn’t the case here. With quality and good looking bracelets being all the rage at the moment, we think this multicolored rainbow loom starburst bracelet is definitely a winner you’ll enjoy making.

We’ve done a lot of looking around and we have really struggled to find anything as rewarding as this type of DIY bracelet project. It is plainly obvious today that bracelets are almost a form of tribal art which youngsters can use to show allegiance to something that matters to them. Sure, it may just be their friend, but it can also be to memorialize a friend that has been lost, commemorate a special day like Mother’s day or even birthdays. The options are endless. We also like the idea that this is a great DIY hobby for you to do with your friends, not just on your own. Who knows, you could almost start up a little home factory and start selling these bracelets they are so good.

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