Dunhill Pursuit Perfume for Men by Alfred Dunhill

Check out this Dunhill Pursuit perfume offered by Alfred Dunhill. Dunhill Pursuit was launched in 2006, and it is still the best choice of many men throughout these years. Dunhill Pursuit gives you that fruity citrus feeling in the first moment making you fresh. Pursuit is a very masculine fragrance that can go with you in almost all day but might go along better in the morning. Dunhill Pursuit is long lasting, saving you the worry of reapplication and satisfying you with its scent; it is an unexpected perfume with different mixed notes that make a great combination of scents. Dunhill Pursuit combines the notes of a woody perfume with tropical green pineapple, green leaves, orange leaves, cedar, sandalwood, musk, amber and smoldering incense. Pursuit perfume comes in an attractive unique bottle, showing that intense color of the beautiful combination of its scents.

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