Dunhill London Perfume for Men by Alfred Dunhill

If you love that sophisticated masculine British attitude of London, then this Dunhill London perfume for men introduced by Alfred Dunhill is the perfect fragrance for your soul. Alfred Dunhill made this fragrance with the inspiration of London feelings and so he named the cologne after London. Dunhill London Fragrance is a powerful, masculine, luxurious and has that fruity scent that will keep you fresh all the time. Dunhill London was introduces in 2008 and most men reported that they loved it, the way its scent gives them a fruity fresh smell combines with roses that send you away to London while sitting in your own place. Dunhill London is very unique and unlike other fragrances in the market, it will surprise you and satisfy your needs out of a fragrance. Dunhill London comes in great transparent bottle showing its blue green color with a twist at its sides.

Dunhill London Cologne for Men by Alfred Dunhill 2

Dunhill London Cologne for Men by Alfred Dunhill 3

Dunhill London Cologne for Men by Alfred Dunhill 1

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