Down Vests for Women

Get ready for winter ladies wherever you are, it never hurts having a down jacket that’s not just padded with warming fabrics but also padded with coolness as its trendy designs keeps you warm & stylish at the same time, it’s a new style wave that nowadays its purpose has gone beyond camping & outdoors activities. These sleeveless heartwarming fluffy jackets that are called down vests were first invented by the clothing designer for camping & outdoor activities Eddie Bauer filled with goose feather down, since then the down vests that may be hooded in some designs had entered men’s & women’s lives & became a part of their winter & fall collection. You’ll find all the colors & prints with cool design so you’d be able to pair & match it with your outfits & add a little flare to your style by combining different colors & styles, you’ll also find a collection that has double sides with a plain colored side & other side with patterns this way your casual fashion sense will be turning heads & grabbing attention.

down vests 04

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