Don’t Judge Too Quickly, it May Not be What You Think [Video]

Don’t Judge Too Quickly

We’ve all been there and usually put our foot in it as a result. Do you remember witnessing something, only to embarrassingly realize shortly afterwards that you got it completely wrong? These accidental misunderstandings became part of a very funny advertising campaign for one of America’s larger mortgage companies, Ameriquest, between 2005 and 2007. The first advert featuring the cat was shown at half-time during the XXXIX Superbowl. We quite like the less than subtle message created by Ameriquest in trying to reassure their customers that where their credit ratings and suitability for a loan were concerned, Ameriquest would not judge them too quickly. Whether you decide to judge the merit of these adverts so quickly is up to you.

So what about the scenes themselves? Did you instantly recognize any of the embarrassing situations? We did think the cat and the knife scenario a little contrived, but immensely funny. However we almost knew what was going to happen with the dog-walking episode in the park, even though it still made us laugh. Maybe it’s us, but a few of us have wondered when watching an episode of ER if the defibrillating paddles would work on zapping a fly. Now we know! As for the father and daughter routine outside the late night store, well that is totally believable and a very cringe worthy situation. Whoever thought up the scripts for these ads certainly had a wicked imagination and everyone must have had great fun making this series. What a pity we won’t be seeing any more as Ameriquest closed down in 2008.

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