Dondup Kids’ Clothing

Dondup Kids Clothing 2011

The spring/summer kids’ clothing collection from Dondup is very nice; it offers some lovely models for both girls and boys. For girls, Dondup presents blouses, t-shirts, mini skirts, shorts and trousers. Blouses are so pretty with frilly waist and subtle flowers print in pink & beige, made of silk & cotton to be comfortable in hot weather. Mini skirts look very stylish, specially the jeans ones which are by the way 100% made of cotton. Also the mini skirt in silk looks so nice and girlish with a fluffy skirting and the same flowers print of the blouse; together they can form a nice and cheerful set. Cotton T-shirts are very simple but beautiful in lively colors like pink with small embroidery of Dondup logo in glossy pearls. For boys, there are many models of shirts, pants and shorts in different styles and colors. Long-sleeved shirts, which are 100% made of cotton, have a formal look and could be more suitable in formal occasions. The short-sleeved model can give both formal and casual looks; made of cotton and viscose with tile print in blue & beige, it looks chic and modern. Jeans pants are made of cotton and available in denim blue and white, it’s very practical in all seasons and with all styles. Shorts are available in two styles; cotton jeans shorts, and cotton shorts in blue tile prints which look very cool and suitable on the beach.

Dondup Kids Clothing

Dondup Kids Clothing 1

Dondup Kids Clothing 2

Dondup Kids Clothing 3

Dondup Kids Clothing 4

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