Cats Prove They are More Fierce Fighters Than Dogs

Dogs Vs Cats

Unless you are one of those rare breeds of people who don’t like animals, you are either in the dog lovers’ camp or the cat lovers’ one. Of course there are also some of you who have no preference and love each equally, but you are an even rarer breed! If you live in a household that includes both cats and dogs, then many of the scenes in these video clips will seem familiar to you. Without any outright aggression, cats and dogs will forever vie for the role of ‘boss’ in the household. It seems that in this power struggle size really doesn’t matter, and it is simply guile and cunning that will see the spoils go to the victor. We just love watching the way these animals interact and working out what must be going through their mind at the time. One thing’s for sure though, if there is a chance for a little skullduggery to take place, it will!

We think this selection of video clips gets off to a great start with the side swipe from a dog gently persuading a cat to take an early bath – especially cruel when we know how much cats dislike water! It is very clear from all these videos is that cats are totally fearless, right down to a tiny kitten prepared to take on a Rottweiler! We also couldn’t help but laugh at the clip of the bulldog being repeatedly punched by the cat until a sucker blow was landed, only for the dog to come back for more! So did you have a favorite clip, or perhaps you’ve got one of your own you’d like to share with us here at Stylish Eve. And our favorite – well of course it had to be the kitten, didn’t it?

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