Pregnant Dog Gets A Photoshoot (5 Adorable Pictures)

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We enjoy adorable dog pictures. And we will lose our minds over the pictures of a pregnant dog. A dog lover, Caitie Evers, shares on her Instagram the story of Lily Mae, the pregnant Golden Retriever, and the cute pictures of the maternity photoshoot that she held for her. Caitie is an animal foster carer from Houston, Texas. Her brother-in-law found Lily Mae on the streets. For a whole month, he kept looking for the owners, but he didn’t find them. Eventually, his parents decided to keep the beautiful golden retriever. After a while, they discovered her bump and a visit to the vet confirmed that she was pregnant.

The pregnant dog was given to Caitie because of her expertise with pets to take care of the golden retriever and of her puppies. Once the puppies are old enough, they will be adopted and Lily Mae will return back to the parents. Let’s see the beautiful photos of Lily Mae and her journey from pregnancy until she gives birth. Image Credit: Caitie Evers/ Shauna Kiely

#1 She looks pretty and so not pregnant.

dog pictures

This is a beautiful picture of Lily Mae, right after she was found. It appears she got pregnant right before she was found because by then she didn’t look pregnant at all. It also seems that pregnancy didn’t affect her. Caitie says that she kept running so fast.

#2 Her first photoshoot photo.


She looks beautiful with a tiara that is made of flowers right on top of her head. The good news is she looks healthy and happy. Maternity photoshoots were simply created for her. She has such a photogenic face. Isn’t she the cutest ever?

#3 It’s a baby dog.

dog pictures

Caitie says that this is not a real photo. It was the photographer’s idea to get a mock sonar image for this picture.

#4 This one is a killer.

dog pictures

I think skirts should be the official outfits for pregnant dogs. She knows she looks great.

#5 The little puppies are finally here.

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In case you’re wondering, less than a week after her photoshoot, she gave birth to eight healthy puppies. She had one girl and seven boys. They were called after Snow White and the seven dwarfs.

Maternity photoshoots are normally popular among, well, pregnant women, but as you see they are not such a bad idea for dogs. Her maternity photoshoot looks so you’ll be considering holding one for your pet. You’ll need maybe a tiara and a skirt. And don’t forget to get a professional photographer. Your furry friend will love the experience and you’ll have so much fun. This is not the only popular maternity photoshoot for a dog on the internet. Everywhere, people are celebrating their pets and coming up with ideas for adorable photos. After all, everyone loves dogs.

dog pictures

Caitie Evers held this photoshoot for the lovely golden retriever to raise awareness about animal welfare. There are so many stray dogs left on the streets to die, so more people need to know about pets, their life, and their struggles. It’s so lucky this golden retriever was found on time, or else her little puppies would have died.

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