DIY Turmeric-Based Face Mask to Fight Acne

DIY Turmeric Based Face Mask to Fight Acne

The mention of the word acne makes many people wince. It is such an unfortunate skin condition that is not only nigh-on impossible to conceal, but it is notoriously difficult to control. We are never ones to endorse any of the hugely expensive proprietary skin treatments, and we never guarantee the results of any other suggested treatments. However we are aware of the effect that acne specifically, and skin blemishes in general, can have on your confidence. As a result we like to publish ideas we think are at least worth considering if they relate to skin treatments. Consequently we will admit to this video posted on YouTube by Promise Phan catching our eye. As with so many ‘alternative’ treatments, this one stems from the Far East and involves the spice Turmeric that many of us would normally associate with cooking. As Promise indicates, it has a lot of health and beauty benefits, and is also anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.

Promise also points out that this treatment is good for clearing acne scars, reducing wrinkles and age spots, and brightening and adding a glow to your face. Apparently it also reduces facial hair growth and removes dead skin cells. We are aware of the powers of Eastern medicine and while we would in no way guarantee that all this is true, nor would we say that these claims are totally false. What we did note though was confirmation of one of our ‘concerns’. Knowing that turmeric is a great spice for using with rice to add a vibrant yellow color, we wondered if it might also dye your skin yellow. In the notes that Promise has kindly included underneath the video, there is a note to perhaps avoid using this face mask treatment if you have an important occasion coming up as it might give your skin a temporary yellow tint. Quite wisely she also recommends you test the face mask on a discreet area first to check if you are allergic to turmeric.

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