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At Stylish Eve we are all for DIY projects which are not too challenging, which create something very special, and which cost very little. With this great spoon mirror project from Craftaholics Anonymous all three of these boxes are ticked. You know that while a project may not have many elements, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to have a good deal of patience in order to achieve the right result. However if you ever begin to lack drive to complete this project once you start, you will only have to look at the finished product here to remind yourself of what a great mirror you are going to have at the end of it. This project is such an ideal example of what how much you can achieve with so little. Here all you need is some board backing for the plaque and mirror, a small circular mirror, lots of plastic spoons, a pair of scissors, some colored spray paint and clear glue in a glue gun.


From one piece of card cut a circular disc the size of the mirror and glue the mirror to it. Place the mirror in the center of another piece of card face down, and then lay a couple of rows of spoon heads alongside to establish the radius of the card you will need. Create a large circle and cut out the card. Cut the heads off all the spoons (approximately 100). Measure a circle in the center of the large card. Starting at the outside, glue a circle of spoons to the board. Then Overlap the spoons and repeat the process three more times until the board is covered. Once the glue has dried, spray all the spoons with two coats of paint – using clear spoons saves on having to paint the reverse side. Once the paint is dry, attach the mirror by gluing the cardboard back to the inner circle of spoons. Finally, glue a small piece of ribbon to the back to create a loop for hanging the mirror.




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