DIY Patched/Pyramid Crochet Beret Tutorial for Beginners [Video]

DIY Patched Pyramid Crochet Beret Tutorial

We think Tracey Nguyen is a very talented presenter of great DIY fashion and beauty tips. We were really pleased to come across this very well set out video on YouTube of her giving crystal clear instructions on how to crochet a great patched/pyramid beret. As she says right at the beginning, this pattern may look complicated, but it is easy enough for a beginner to complete. With Tracey’s ability to explain what is needed to be done, you will be able to launch yourself in to this really practical DIY crochet project with bags of confidence. Not a bad idea when you consider that the colder months are now ahead of us. The remarkable thing about this video is how it is possible to create such a good looking beret using just a ball of wool and a crochet hook!

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