DIY Natural Favor Boxes

Handmade stuff always feels special, and shows how much you care that you took the time to actually make this thing yourself. Gifts are very special, and thus you can complete this feeling by making even the gift box yourself. This post shows you how to make easy DIY natural favor boxes; these are really cute and all made of natural stuff, which is amazing and easy. Favor boxes are widely used nowadays as gift boxes for little gifts, or to present to your guests at home or in a reception, for example. Making these little natural favor boxes is really simple, and we are showing you detailed pictures of how to get this job done. It’s a piece of cake! The natural favor boxes used are organic green woven boxes with lids. These can be easily bought, and you will just get some extra suppliers to decorate this amazing box to make the perfect favor box that everyone will just love.

DIY Natural Favor Boxes 1

Suppliers you will need include scissors, felt butterflies, bear grass, natural raffia for filler, a glue gun, and finally the thing that you will fill the favor box with like nuts or chocolates.

DIY Natural Favor Boxes 2

All you need to do is glue one of the bear grasses around the box, fill it with natural raffia, add nuts or chocolates or whatever you want, glue another piece of bear glass on the lid, and tie a beautiful bow with another bear grass and stick it on the lid for a decorative touch. Glue the felt butterfly on the center of the ribbon; fantastic. That’s it! Very easy, very creative and beautiful, and the best part is that it is totally natural. Check out the pictures to see how it is done step by step.

DIY Natural Favor Boxes 3

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