DIY Balloon Arch: So Much Easier than You Imagined [Video]

DIY Balloon Arch

Gone are the days when stringing a few balloons from a light in the middle of a room constitutes festive decorations. Today is all about bigger and better and grander, but without breaking the bank. Of course we all want to do something to mark a special occasion for someone, but many of us don’t have limitless funds. We have to spend our money wisely. Well as you know, often something done from the heart is worth so much more than something done with the wallet, and here we have the perfect example. Instead of buying an expensive gift to demonstrate how you feel about someone, help then celebrate a special day in style and just make them feel extra-special themselves. For those of you who don’t speak Spanish by the way, the video is still ideal for showing you how easy it is to create a balloon arch, to the point where once you understand the first two steps, the rest just falls into place, literally!

The trick to creating this arch is working with pairs of balloons tied together, and then cross-tying two pairs to make a four square balloon. Once you have done that, then the next step is to create another four-square balloon, and then lay it on top of the first set of balloons, but rotate it 45 degrees so that the balloons sit comfortably between each other. After this, take some twine and link the two rows of balloons together. The video also shows you how and where to add different color balloons if you want to create a more professional look or just to jazz up the arch. You don’t get to see a final arch created in this video, but it shows you all you need to do, and as your increase the rows of the pillar, you can start to bend it one way or the other. Just keep adding rows of balloons until the pillar touches the ground on the other side, creating your fantastic balloon arch.

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