Divide & Cool Modular Fridge Systems for Modern Kitchen

Cool Modular Fridge Systems

This smart design from the Turkish producer Arçelik will offer you a well organized kitchen with lots of storage spaces in a practical way to help you be comfortable in your kitchen. The kitchen design is called “Divide & Cool”; it is composed of various units including wall cabinets and cabinets integrated under the large countertop. What distinguishes this design is that it presents in the same kitchen many modular fridges; beside the regular refrigerator, there is another mini one built-in under the oven, as well as the deep drawers which are in fact modular fridges combined with the storage units. Imagine how cool it is when you are preparing food on the countertop and by simply pulling the narrow drawer you can use it as a refrigerator. The rest of the cabinets are deep & large enough for a maximum storage, and supplied by useful accessories to help you to organize your storage. This design creates more free spaces in your kitchen by using smartly only one wall to establish a full equipped kitchen, in addition; it expands the space of the refrigerating system by applying many modular fridges in different places to be more functional and useful. The minimalist style of this kitchen makes it look beautiful and up-to-date; all cabinets and units are designed in simple rectangular shapes and clean lines, finished in white lacquered with minimalist stainless steel handles, the modern look was completed. The countertop is equipped with a stainless steel stove and a large space for preparing food; it is made of a natural wooden material which gives the kitchen a nice natural look and matches with the modern design.

dividecool modular fridge 1

dividecool modular fridge 2

dividecool modular fridge 3

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