Dianna Agron Is Back To Blonde!!

Dianna Agron is Back to Blonde 2


Red hair may be hot, but blondes have more fun. Dianna Agron has recently showed the whole world that this is her opinion. Which means what? Ladies, focus, please! It means that our sweetheart has ditched the fiery hue she’s been sporting for the past couple of months in favor of her signature gold. Yep, her sexy blonde hair is back!! Woo-hoo, right? No?

Ahem… I mean, I know that some of you may be missing the hot red, right? Okay, I get it! But what can you do? Nothing. You just have to accept it (OK, while wishing that someday she’ll be a redhead again). Anyway, let’s leave this foolish argument and reveal the last detail of Dianna’s makeover.

The Glee star unveiled her newly altered tresses at a MySpace party on Wednesday, June 12, at the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles. Stylishevers, this was the last detail. So now, it’s time for you to tell us: Which of the hair colors debuted by Agron in 2013 do you love more? Sound off in the comments!


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