Dianna Agron Ditches Her Blonde Hair!

Dianna Agron New Hair Color 2013 2


Stylisheves, tell us: Do you love Dianna Agron better as a blonde or as a redhead? Aha! Shocked you, didn’t I? So sorry, my pretties, I should have saved that question for later. What? What do you mean, I shouldn’t ask it at all? No, it is not meaningless! Why? Here’s why. The Glee star showed off her new red locks while having lunch at the King’s Road cafe a few days ago. I imagine that some of you are saying, “Whaaaat? Dianna has ditched her spectacular blonde hair?” Yeah, sorry. That’s what I let slip above, Precious Reader. It’s true. Why? Actually, the actress hasn’t explained that, but I think she’s just trying to cope with the 2013 hair color trend. Now, will you answer the question I asked at the beginning? Before we say goodbyes, what’s your answer? Do you prefer Diana blonde or red haired?


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