Denim Vests for Women

Put on your t-shirt or dress & get ready to make it look funkier & cooler by a really simple adding, we’ll give you the secret for how to look like a superstar who’s posing for paparazzi, it’s all in the denim vests baby, they made a huge comeback this season no matter how old are you, where are you going or what are you doing, let me assure you, you can definitely pull it off. If you want to be extra feminine & sexy you’ll find your match in a cut short with a deep v neck denim vests while pairing them with a tight top or dress that way the vest will show off your assets, or you can wear it over a loose shirt with a cut long vest with v neck collar for a trendy urban look, you’ll be surprised with how the denim vest can fit your lifestyle. Denim vests come in many styles, shapes & colors; with studs, sequin or lace, with v neck collars, high top collars or no collars, in black, navy, blue, white, used, vintage or grey. It’s a lot of styles with a lot of designs, you can even make them yourself by a pair of scissors, cut off the shoulders, twist & tie then soak them in any bleach to give them a vintage look then add some studs for extra rocking.

denim vests  07

denim vests  08

denim vests  09

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