Demi Lovato New Hair Color 2013

Demi Lovato New Hair Color 2013 1

Demi-Lovato-New Hair-Color-2013_1

It is widely thought that the Brunettes don’t have so much fun as the Blondes! Oh yes, Stylishevers, I do remember that I have mentioned the same statement before, in the topic titled “Britney Spears New Blonde Hair Color 2013“… So why am I saying it again?! Simply because there’s another celebrity that has recently gone to the bright side.. Who is she?! Hmm.. Why don’t you guess?! Okay, okay…. I’m going to stop playing games and say who this celeb is.. Hey! Read on to know.

The celebrity who has recently replaced her dark brown locks for blond ones is.. is … is the singer Demi Lovato…. What??!! Yep, ladies! The 20-year-old singer has made a U-turn to the blond hair color which seems to be her favorite. Who said so?! Simply I did! Anyway, the “X Factor” judge has showed off her newly-dyed tresses at the 2013 National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day on May 7 in Washington.

What?! How has Lovato looked? Our precious readers, I think that you have to answer this question yourselves…. How can you do that?! Oh! What a ridiculous question! Of course, you can simply do that by taking a deeep look at the attached pictures below, then tell us your opinions in the comments.. Yes, it’s just that simple!

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