Demi Lovato New Hair Color 2012

I think that it has become a traditional thing to see or read the following sentence; ‘Y new hair x 2012’, regardless of who is Y and what x refers to. Have you figured out what my last sentence means? No? Then, let me clarify more. Ladies, all i want to say that it’s not a strange thing this year to read about a new hair makeover done by any star, right? Aha, it’s, but what is the reason behind that long introduction? I guess that there’s no reason other than trying to prepare you for today’s surprise.

Anyways, let’s forget about that nonsense discussion and start doing what we came to do. A couple of days ago, the singer Demi Lovato has shocked everyone by debuted a new hair color. Yup, ladies, she’s done that again! For those who don’t know why we said the last sentence, I’ve to tell them to review how many times Lovato has dyed her hair during the last summer season. And you’re going to see that she has worn blonde-pink ombre hair at that season’s beginnings. After while, she’s replaced the pink with blue and then with green colors. Quite different hair colors, but with the same wild, bold and stylish look.

I know that some of you are about to ask me many questions as; ‘what about the latest hair color?’, ‘is it bold too?’, ‘how does she look like wearing it?!’,, etc. Okay, okay, stop asking and allow me to talk! Ladies, the ‘X factor’ judge has opted for wearing a pure blonde hair. Yup, without any touches of the bold colors, you can say that they have become part of the history or something! Let me tell you that Demi looks gorgeous, hot and eye catching wearing her long blond tresses. Just it, I’m done! So I’m going to tell you goodbyes and see you another day..

Demi Lovato New Hair Color 2012 1

Demi Lovato New Hair Color 2012 2

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