Delicious Despicable Me Minion Cakes

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The Baking Sheet
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The film series has been a sensation and has caught the imagination of just about every child, and a lot of adults too! It is hard to put your finger on just why a selection of weird and wonderful characters should become so popular, but isn’t that always the case. Perhaps, in a roundabout way, it is their simplicity and ‘variations on a theme’ which have created such worldwide appeal. When you look at Mini Me minions it is hard to spot the difference between them, save for the occasion one as opposed to two eyes. However it is the hairstyle that gives them away. From Dave, Stuart or Jerry, Jorge, Tim or Mark, Phil, Jon, Bob or Kevin, let alone Despicable Me, your favourite is here for you to gather inspiration. And what is one of the best things about these minions – yellow skin = marzipan! Now that says “tasty” to us already and as it is also a staple of a Christmas cake, perhaps you could break with tradition and have a Despicable Me Christmas cake as well!

Bake-a-Boo Cakes and Cupcakes
Image Credits: Bake-a-Boo Cakes and Cupcakes

As a centrepiece for any birthday party these Despicable Me minion cakes are absolutely perfect with their vibrant colors and stand-out characters. In addition, with the shape of these minions, you are also guaranteed a good sized lovely and tall cake, meaning all the more for everyone to eat. It is so difficult to find the right design to really make sure your child’s birthday is a complete success. We are fairly confident with a Despicable Me minion cake you will see the biggest smile imaginable come the cake’s unveiling. Of course you can use these characters just as a guideline for a theme, and if making a cake of this standard is a little too daunting, just ask the cake decorator to add a few extra accessories to personalize the minion to really make someone smile and squeal in delight!

Hot Mama’s Cakes
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Zoe’s fancy Cakes
Image Credits: Zoe’s fancy Cakes
Jenny S
Image Credits: Jenny S
Couture Di Sucre
Image Credits: Couture Di Sucre
Simply Sweet Creations
Image Credits: Simply Sweet Creations
Custom Cakes by Kendra
Image Credits: Custom Cakes by Kendra
Guilt Desserts
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Deb Williams Cakes
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Blahnik Baker
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Lori’s Sweet Cakes
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Pirikos Cake Design
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The Butter End Cakery
Image Credits: The Butter End Cakery

Sweet Sense Cakes
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