Decorative Outdoor Furniture for Beatiful Sunny Days

with the spring & summer coming, we all get enthusiastic to create new looks to our gardens & terraces; if you are looking for some stylish & lively furniture and decors for your outdoor, check out this fabulous collection. The hammock tent with epoxy treated steel structure and polyester seat fabric is available from Hespéride for 179 € including pillows. The suspended folded chairs and tables in pretty pop colors are very practical & space-saver; they are available from Fly for 16, 90 € for the chair, and 34, 90 € for the table. This modern yet elegant kiosk pergola with aluminum structure, cross motifs in hexagonal form and polyester canopy is available for 499 € from Jardiland. You can also get one or more of those stylish chaise lounges in white, yellow, green or black from Ikea for 19 €. The vegetable chair which is wholly covered by plastic grass looks so pretty and natural but expensive; it is available from ComingB for 437, 80 €.

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