Decorative Open Storage Ideas for Bathrooms

Open Storage Ideas

If you want to insert towels and shower accessories in the decoration of the bathroom, choose open storage furniture where there are no doors or even drawers, and bathroom stuff are exposed to turn into decorative items. Take a look at the modern open ways for bathroom storing that tend to use decorative shelves and boxes. For a subtle bathroom decoration, in the cabinet under the sinks, towels in taupe, mauve, and peony pink are forming a soft & romantic palette of colors. On the side, an elegant towel holder in scale shape is placed which provides an additional place to expose the laundry; simple and subtle. And to follow the trend where bamboo baskets are ultra fashionable, here’s a bathroom with a sign of softness and comfort. Here, the marriage of wood, wicker and white is not the only way to set the tone, low storage furniture with boxes along the wall is creating the stylish look. Indeed, they multiply the storage space while leaving the walls exposed and cleaned. Above them, we put some beauty products, a frame, a decorative soap and note, while we invest towel boxes and a storage basket to avoid mess in a decorative way. For a bathroom in dull shades, open furniture is an effective solution to brighten the space; some colored towels placed on the shelves will revive the place and refresh it.

Decorative Open Storage Ideas for Bathroom 1

Decorative Open Storage Ideas for Bathroom 2

Decorative Open Storage Ideas for Bathroom 3

Decorative Open Storage Ideas for Bathroom 4

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