Decorative Ideas for Dining Areas in Open Spaces

Decorative Ideas for Dining Areas in Open Spaces

Maybe the dining area is no longer found separately in a space of its own; however, it still finds its place in open spaces that accommodate the living room and kitchen. To help you create and decorate your dining area, we’ve selected 10 different facilities to inspire you. If the living room is completely open, you can install the dining set in the center of the area to occupy the space. The dining area will be open to the kitchen while the lounge area will be set apart. To dedicate a space to the dining area in your large open space, opt for a round table that you put in a corner of the room to delimit spaces. Remember to choose a table in the same style of your living area: retro, minimalist, Scandinavian…etc.

To install your dining set, you can separate your open space into two areas by focusing on a sofa that will close the living room area, and then install a large table and chairs in a nice match with the living room. A large dining table can also find its place in the kitchen; it will then serve in delimiting the spaces between the kitchen and living room besides offering a stylish modern look and a nice dining area close to the kitchen. In this case, the dining table can also serve as a large bar in American kitchens. The dining area can also take the form of a workspace with the addition of high stools for meals. The bar can then be placed in the kitchen to include a dining area.

If your dining set is placed in a large open space between the living room and kitchen, you would necessarily need to define the spaces to sublimate your décor; when you place the dining set in a large living space, remember to define the dining area using a carpet that you put under the dining table to enhance your furniture. Finally, to ensure that your dining room is well integrated with the rest of your decor, consider making decorative links. For example, if you have parquet flooring, wooden chairs for the dining table will be like a beautiful echo to the floor, and a glass table will gently match glass windows for a delightful harmony.











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