Decorative Desk Lamp Designs

Decorative Desk Lamp Designs

Lighting is essential for an office that is both comfortable and decorative. So, lightening up your office should be your priority. To help you choose your desk lamp, we present a selection of practical and aesthetic lamp models with different designs to match with all desk styles. Lighting your desk is good, lighting it in a decorative way is even better! Therefore, choose a lamp model that fits the style of your desk. If your home office has an industrial look for example, a metal lamp will perfectly match with the aged wood and brushed metal structure of the desk. When it comes to minimalist office designs, the lamp should be original but also sleek. For example, to illuminate and decorate a minimalist desk with clean lines and a black & white graphic style, choose an original lamp model like the one with a light ball that’s attached to a sleek metal rod. The ball turns easily to modulate the light.

To bring a pop ambience to your office, you can choose a retro model with a base, a flexible rod and a bicolor lampshade. Opt for an orange lampshade for example to create warm light. To highlight your desk lamp and make it the star of the total look, don’t hesitate to opt for an eye catching model. For example, a standard desk in grey won’t just be illuminated but will also be decorated and beautified by an attractive red lamp that will vibrate the office. Conversely, the desk lamp can also be very discreet by choosing a model that blends into the background if the desk already has a very lively decoration. You will find very refined models with only a rod holding a decorative bulb. If your office is small and it is against a wall, go for wall sconces that provide space on the desk board while offering good lighting. If your office space is good, do not hesitate to multiply your light sources. You can choose two lamps that you install on both sides of the desk. Choose the two lamps in the same style to create a nice symmetric look.










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