Davidoff Echo Fragrance for Men

Davidoff Echo Fragrance

If you want a fragrance that you can count on on your business outings or a Friday night out, then check this new Echo Fragrance the new men’s fragrance by DAVIDOFF. It is soft, elegant, with it’s woody smell, should be perfect for a night out or a business meeting. It doesn’t have a very heavy and so you can apply it freely. Echo comes in a very attractive and stylish bottle with a very light blue color, the bottle is very unique and chic just for you. DAVIDOFF Echo fragrance can suit all types of men, its smell itsn’t over citrusy, full of youth and will give you a very fresh feeling that smells good as well. The fragrance includes aquatic notes, metal notes of aldehyds and white suede.

DAVIDOFF Echo Fragrance for Men 1

DAVIDOFF Echo Fragrance for Men 2

DAVIDOFF Echo Fragrance for Men 3

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