Davidoff Cool Water Fragrance For Men

Davidoff Cool Water

If you are looking for a different light fragrance that can refreshen you, then DAVIDOFF Cool Water if just for you. Cool Water by DAVIDOFF is a light fragrance simple in compositions, very cool and classic, and it will make you feel fresh and delight you with its smell. Cool Water is very charming giving you a combination of scents, from crab apple and lavender to citrus, all the way through subtle driftwood and hushed amber and musk. Cool Water is very masculin but yet not so strong, it gives you that free good smell feeling. DAVIDOFF also provided a Cool Water for Men aftershave that will has a very nice smell and will make you so clean and fresh and will make you want to shave all the time. DAVIDOFF Cool Water Eau de Toilette is available in different sizes, and the bottle is very attractive and so watery.

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DAVIDOFF Cool Water Fragrance for Men 2

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