Damian Lewis Shaves His Head for The Silent Storm movie!!


Ladies and gentlemen, Damian Lewis has shaved his head! Nope, I’m not kidding at all.. Yep, the British actor has truly ditched his eye catching signature short red tresses and debuted a bald head.. This is what we call a dramatic makeover, right? A silly question, I know.. So let’s skip it and ask another one that is much more important. Which is? Why has Damian opted for this drastic change in appearance? Okay, read on to know the answer..

Lewis has shaved his head only for .. for .. for his role in the upcoming movie “The Silent Storm”. Yes, he’s joined the ranks of other celebs who have opted for hair transformation because of a new film.. The “Homeland” star was spotted sporting his new Zero haircut on the set of his latest movie, on June 24, in Scotland. I want to admit that at the first glance, we couldn’t recognize Damian, as he simply didn’t look like himself. How? Hmm…… When a man with fiery red hair turns into a man with no hair at all, would you recognize him? I don’t think so…..


Anyway, tell us now, Stylishevers: What do you think of the actor’s new makeover? Do you think it’s going to be one of the 2013’s best or worst moments?!

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