Dakota Fanning New Pink Hair Color for 2013

Dakota Fanning New Pink Hair Color for 2013 1

Hi! … Our precious readers, are you ready to get shocked? …………. What?! No, no, I mean: Are you ready to get inspired by a new celebrity makeover?! Oh! Yeah, you are ready to get both shocked and inspired… Hmm… If so, let me be direct and say that the “Very Good Girls” starlet Dakota Fanning has gone for a bright pink hair color. I do hear one of you saying, “It’s the second makeover done by her during 2013 and it’s Pink again!! Oh my God! Okay… Has she totally ditched her blonde tresses this time or what?!”

Nope, Dakota hasn’t done that at all; instead, she’s mixed the two colors together. Briefly, you can say that she’s just accented her blonde hair with pink highlights. How does the 19-year-old actress look like while debuting those colorful tresses?……………. What a question! Of course, the young star looks more than gorgeous, stylish and eye catching – you know as usual… Okay, ladies, that’s my opinion, what about yours? Yeah, take a look at the attached pictures below then answer this question: Is my opinion on Fanning’s newly dyed hair right or not?!

Dakota Fanning New Pink Hair Color for 2013_1

Dakota Fanning New Pink Hair Color for 2013_2

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