Dakota Fanning New Hair Color 2013

Dakota Fanning New Hair Color 2013

Hello, pretties, how are you?! I wish that you are feeling great! Anyways, do you remember when I said the following sentence, “starting from now, we can definitely say goodbyes to her gorgeous, shiny blonde locks and welcome her new fabulous, eye catching chocolate brown ones”? I do hear some of you saying, “I do remember! I guess that you said it in the ‘Dakota Fanning New Hair Color 2012’ topic…” Okay, those are our precious fans!

Now, would you please re-arrange the sentence said at the beginnings? Re-arrange it, how?! Ladies, just say goodbyes to her fabulous, eye catching chocolate brown hair tresses and welcome her new gorgeous, shiny blonde ones. What?! Has Dakota ditched her brunette hair color?!! Aha, smarties, she’s definitely done so! The “The Twilight Saga” star has decided to go back to her signature blonde hair. What a great surprise, isn’t it?! Absolutely, it is!

I, myself, already consider it as one of the best hair makeovers done in 2013. Yes, I do, as our beloved teen actress looks stunning and sexy wearing blonde hair! Don’t you agree with me, our precious readers? Wait! Don’t answer this question right now. Yeah, take a glimpse at the attached pictures first, then tell us your answer in a comment.


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