Dakota Fanning New Hair Color 2012

Celebrity world, shock me more! I guess that there’s no need to explain why I’m saying so. As most of you know that when a topic is started with shock or surprise feelings, it’s mostly going to be just about a new hair makeover done by one of our beloved stars. Anyway, let’s stop this blah blah (of course, from my side), and do what we came to do. I know that the most dominating questions that come across your minds right now are; “whom are you talking about?” and “what has this celeb done?”

Concerning the first question which was whom, you need to know that the young actress Dakota Fanning is the one who has updated her 2012’s lookbook. On the other side, concerning the second question, the cute star has opted for dying her hair brunette. Yeah, starting from now, we can definitely say goodbyes to her gorgeous, shiny blonde locks and welcome her new fabulous, eye catching chocolate brown ones!

I can sense that you’re about to ask more questions such as; “when and why has Dakota done that?” The “Very Good Girls” starlet has opted for doing this makeover since a few days ago, but honestly we don’t know whether she’s made that for a new movie role or just for fun. Now, I can tell you that we’re absolutely done, and nothing’s left for us to say except wishing you an amazing life, our precious readers. By the way, don’t forget to tell us how you feel towards the actress’s new hair color!

Dakota Fanning New Hair Color 2012 1

Dakota Fanning New Hair Color 2012 2

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