Cute Onesie Cookies from CookieCrazie

Cute Onesie Cookies 9


There was a time when a clever shaped cookie was nothing more exciting than a gingerbread man. Today that style of cookie is little less than nostalgic, while the choice of cookie shapes almost boggles the mind. At Stylish Eve we are delighted to have spotted Pam at Cookie Crazie and have been keen to get an understanding of what makes her stand out from the crowd. Having grown up baking cookies and being extremely family-oriented, Pam was keen to pass down her skills through her children, and she would bake cookies for every season and festivity. After that she discovered corn syrup as a glaze, and blogging, to the point where she now has a popular blog and website. However her heart lies in cookie baking, and as Pam says “Now I decorate cookies on a regular basis……always upping “my game” and working to make my cookies the best they can be.”


As for the best they can be, well the proof of the cookie is in the eating! However sometimes cookies can look almost too good to eat, as we can see with these cute onesie cookies Pam has created. We think these onesie cookies are just perfect for a baby shower, or baby’s first birthday. However we also noticed that with some of the designs they would also be ideal for baby’s first Valentine’s, birthday, first day at childcare, in fact first day anywhere. On top of that, with clever little tutu onesies and ‘smart’ clothes onesies, we don’t think these cookies have to be ‘retired’ once baby has grown out of his or her onesie and that they will be good for ‘baby’ for at least two or three years.

Cute-Onesie-Cookies-3 Cute-Onesie-Cookies-4 Cute-Onesie-Cookies-5 Cute-Onesie-Cookies-6 Cute-Onesie-Cookies-7 Cute-Onesie-Cookies-8 Cute-Onesie-Cookies-9 Cute-Onesie-Cookies-10 Cute-Onesie-Cookies-11 Cute-Onesie-Cookies-12 Cute-Onesie-Cookies-13 Cute-Onesie-Cookies-14 Cute-Onesie-Cookies-15 Cute-Onesie-Cookies-16 Cute-Onesie-Cookies-17 Cute-Onesie-Cookies-18 Cute-Onesie-Cookies-19 Cute-Onesie-Cookies-20 Cute-Onesie-Cookies-21

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