Cute Children’s Tableware from IKEA

Now this is really cute! IKEA presents awesome tableware for children that you’ll definitely love. IKEA’s tableware is full of color and design; it’s very suitable for kids where every piece is vibrant with cute, childish drawings that your kid will adore. Flatware sets are very important and are often used by kids; you’ll find many flatware sets that can be made of stainless steel just like those of adults, or other sets that include colored flatware in colors like blue, yellow, fuchsia, red, and green. You can get these sets and make your kid eat using the flatware set in his favorite color. Colored flatware sets are made of durable plastic to be easily handled by kids. Some flatware sets are made of stainless steel but come with colored handles made of polypropylene to be easily handled by kids. If your kid is still a little baby, you’ll find an amazing set of baby spoons that come in vibrant colors and are made of polypropylene to be soft on your baby. The baby spoon set includes three regular spoons, and three extra long spoons that make you get food out of jars or similar containers easily.

IKEA flatware set 1

IKEA flatware set 2

IKEA flatware set 3

IKEA flatware set 4

Besides the flatware sets, IKEA also presents cute dinnerware sets that come in beautiful prints and cheerful colors, and you’ll also find cups, tumblers, bowls, and plates. All of these pieces come in vibrant colors, which make them special and adorable for kids. All tableware is made of polypropylene and is BPA free to be safe for kids. A training cup is also available where you start to teach your kid how to drink from a cup, and they are available in a cute design having the lid in the form of a dog’s face.

IKEA dinnerware sets 1

IKEA dinnerware sets 2

IKEA dinnerware sets 3

IKEA dinnerware sets 4

IKEA dinnerware sets 5

IKEA dinnerware sets 7

IKEA dinnerware sets 8

Of course, whenever you think of food when it comes to kids, you imagine stains. That’s why, IKEA presents different designs of bibs that will protect your child’s clothes and keep them clean, and then you can easily wash these bibs. Bibs are made of polyester to be soft and easily cleaned. To protect the table, there’s a place mat that can be placed over the table top to keep it clean, and you can wipe the place mat clean later using a damp cloth.

IKEA bibs 1

IKEA bibs 2

IKEA bibs 4

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