Cuisinella Stylish Kitchen Designs

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The famous kitchen brand Cuisinella presents always innovative designs and original ideas for modern kitchens. Here’s a collection of some of the stylish designs presented by Cuisinella for 2011/2012; check it out, it’s full of creativity & style. In the “Magnolia” Design, Cuisinella offers brilliant colors to its Petilla Majestic Brilliant kitchens. The furniture is dressed with a very soft white lacquer which gives a multitude of shades with natural & artificial light; this new color creates a warm and bright kitchen. Colorado Oak that dresses the kitchen line “Vega” will undoubtedly please the lovers of open spaces. There is a new wood finish quite dark and highly textured reminiscent of the luminous & wide spaces. All this gives a peaceful atmosphere for cooking in serenity. Grey is one of the trendy colors of autumn, it is even called the new black. And to use this timeless color in your kitchen, Cuisinella offers “Confluence”, a kitchen design that marries different shades of gray combined with touches of very modern stainless. And to brighten the gray, Cuisinella didn’t hesitate to bring really pop colors in its kitchen designs. So you can add orange drawers to your gray kitchen to create a very original cocktail.

Cuisinella Stylish Kitchen Designs 1

Cuisinella Stylish Kitchen Designs 2

Cuisinella Stylish Kitchen Designs 3

Cuisinella Stylish Kitchen Designs 4

Cuisinella Stylish Kitchen Designs 5

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