Cubism Inspired Bathroom Design Ideas

Bathroom Collection

Mondart is the latest bathroom collection presented by Gamadecor. The collection is characterized by an interesting tendency to the cubism style. It is consisting of many modern designs of bathroom furniture all having the same characteristic which is its straight & right lines and angles. The collection includes bathroom units in 3 sizes: 45, 60 or 90cm and with 6mm thick Il-tech fronts and aluminum ends. Those small size units (45cm) could be a perfect choice for small spaces because they have a smart design that combines between practical usage and beautiful shape. This design is very suitable for a modern style bathroom. You can choose between Pardo Walnut, Siena Walnut or Tenue Walnut finish for the structure of the bathroom furniture. It is also available in a wide range of lacquer colors. Besides the contemporary and elegant look of the cubism design of these bathroom units, it has also a practical side because it offers a big space for storage.

mondart cubism inspired bathroom collection 1mondart cubism inspired bathroom collection 2mondart cubism inspired bathroom collection 3

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