Creative Pendant Lamps for Living Rooms from IKEA

We all agree that lighting in general is very important in any room of our house, but it is super important in the living room, in specific, because most of the day is spent in it and most of the actions done there, like watching TV or reading, require the presence of suitable lighting. For this, IKEA presents a really creative collection of Pendant Lamps that look so modern, chic, practical, and decorative. Some pendant lamps might look very regular and simple, while others are really innovative and beautiful. If you want to go simple, you will find different designs that are very regular like global lamps, or lamps having the shape of an inverted cone or inverted hemisphere. While if you love creation, you’ll find new designs that will make your lamp very eye catching like the ones having the shape of a flower, or small lamp shades connected with a wire, and many more ideas. Some lights give you directed light on a certain spot, and these are great to put above a dining table or a desk, while others ensure even lighting throughout the whole living room and these are great in the center of the room. Most of IKEA’s pendant lamps come in basic colors like black and white to be suitable in any living room.

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