Creative Ideas to Make your Own Christmas Tree

Every New Year, celebrating Christmas Eve is usually related to holidays, gifts, and other expenses; that’s why sometimes we find our budgets obligated to cancel the item “Christmas tree”. This year, no excuses will be accepted to deprive ourselves of the magic of the Christmas tree because with boxes, stickers, garlands, and cardboard, it is super easy to create your own Christmas tree—creative, without thorns, inexpensive, and most of all very decorative. Learn more about many creative ideas and easy tips to help you create your own Christmas tree without much expense.

Cut two identical silhouettes of a Xmas tree on two big sheets of cardboard. Paint them green on both sides, then from the bottom and from the center, split them to fit one into the other. That’s it! Your new adorable Xmas tree is ready; all you have to do now is decorate it using stickers. Set aside your non-used boxes of all kinds: cake boxes, shoe boxes, etc. … paint them all white, then spray them lightly with gold and silver glitter, then overlay them on top of each other in a pyramid shape to create a very decorative Xmas tree.

You may also like to opt for adhesive stickers to decorate your child’s room for the New Year’s Eve in no time; choose a sticker with a funny Xmas tree motif to add a joyful & childish ambience in your baby’s room. With a picture of a large tree printed on fabric, you can customize your Christmas tree to decorate the wall according to your desire: surprise bags, garlands, adhesive balls …etc. It’s easy to transform a large branching picked from the garden into a Christmas tree. Just plant it in a pot or fix it on the floor using objects like gift boxes, for example, and then decorate it with suspensions and garlands. The result is poetic, romantic, and so original!

For those who like to celebrate Christmas on the beach, know that it is enough to collect driftwood on the beach to create a very natural Christmas tree… After forming the main structure following the look of a tree, fill its interior with other driftwood and glue—very unique! To customize your wall, your door, or your window for Christmas, 8 pieces of pre-cut tape and a pretty paper garland are what you need to draw a beautiful Xmas tree—easy & very charming!

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