Creative DIY Textured Walls Using a Whisk Broom


Yes, the title’s correct. You can use a whisk broom head to create an impressive textured finish to your walls. There is no need to go out and buy expensive plaster finishing tools. There is no need to pay for an expensive decorator to transform any of the rooms in your home. Aside from standard decorating essentials such as covers, masking tape, brushes and rollers, you only need some textured paint and a whisk broom on top. That’s right. And what do we really like about this technique? It’s suitability for old and uneven walls, ones that if you had more money you might get refinished. This way you can do it yourself, save money, and get just the look you want. So, let us guide you through the simple process of creating a lovely textured finish to your walls.


First, remove any wallpaper and loose or flaking paint. Cover any light switches and baseboards with masking tape. If you are texturing kitchen walls, wash them down with sugar soap or a strong degreasing cleaner first. To apply textured paint, do it one wall at a time. First, apply it to the wall at ceiling level, a strip on one side where walls meet, around light switches and windows, and along baseboards for the first wall. Then apply a coat of paint to the whole wall with a roller. Leave the paint to ‘dry’ for approximately 20 minutes. Then, working either from left to right, or right to left, recoat a 3’ wide strip from floor to ceiling. Leave to ‘cure’ for approximately 5 minutes, and then in one long and steady movement, apply the whisk broom to the paintwork at ceiling level, then draw the broom downwards to the baseboard. Remove any excess paint from the broom head and repeat down the next section. Then cover another 3’wide strip with textured paint, leave to ‘cure’ for 5 minutes, and repeat texturing process with the whisk broom. Continue until all the walls have been covered.

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