Cozy Alcove Beds

Since your bed is the most place where you relax, then the atmosphere must be comfortable and cozy, and nothing can give your bed a coz atmosphere more than an alcove bed. Alcove beds are different from those regular beds; they have this special and cozy ambiance that makes them really pleasing and dreamy. Alcove beds are those beds added in a recess in the wall, and they can be beds for babies, kids, or adults. Beds can be completely inserted inside the recess area like adding a baby’s crib or a single bed that can be extended. In case of double beds, only part of the bed is inserted in the recess area if it’s small, or if you have a really large recess area then you can insert the whole bed inside it. You can paint the walls of the recess area in relaxing colors that aid in the comfortable ambiance of this area and you can also match the colors of your recess area with the rest of the room. Alcove beds can be really essential in small areas because they offer a smart idea of adding the bed in the recess area which saves a lot of space. Alcove beds can be really fancy through adding luxury bedding, and making the space colorful. You can also add a canopy to make the area really cozy and dreamy. Just check the photos below for various alcove bed ideas that will definitely please and inspire you.

Cozy Alcove Beds 06

Cozy Alcove Beds 12

Cozy Alcove Beds 11

Cozy Alcove Beds 10

Cozy Alcove Beds 09

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Cozy Alcove Beds 01

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