Cool Yellow Kids’ Rooms Decorating Ideas

Because our kids consider their rooms as a play area not just a bedroom, we can opt for a very dynamic & joyful color in its decoration: yellow! The color of sun will give a vitality & energy to the room ambience to always start the day right! If you are interested in this idea; follow this post with many decorating designs for cool kids’ bedrooms where yellow is used to bring a very dynamic effect. To energize the wall occupied by the headboard, choose a strong color like sunny yellow. This color will highlight the bed while adding a touch of fantasy to a room in classic colors. If you want to give your kids’ room an ultra-tangy ambience, you can associate yellow with orange furniture for a playful color block effect. Know that you can also use yellow in small touches in a kids’ bedroom with classic colors; use yellow in bed linen, a shelf, on the door, etc. and you will revive this kids’ room decoration instantly. If the kids’ room is designed to accommodate multiple areas such as a bed and a small living room or office, you can use a strong color like yellow on one wall to delineate the space visually. To bring a pop atmosphere in the room of your child, you can choose to paint the walls in yellow and use furniture which takes pop colors like red or yellow. For the finishing touch, choose a pop painting to decorate the wall. If you want to paint the walls in yellow, but you’re afraid that the room looks too yellow, you can choose to stop at the half of the wall to create visually like an underbody. Finally, know that yellow goes very well with other colors to create very funny atmospheres. Don’t hesitate to paint a wall in yellow and the other one in another color like blue.

Cool Yellow Kids 01

Cool Yellow Kids 02

Cool Yellow Kids 03

Cool Yellow Kids 04

Cool Yellow Kids 05

Cool Yellow Kids 06

Cool Yellow Kids 07

Cool Yellow Kids 08

Cool Yellow Kids 09

Cool Yellow Kids 10

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