Cool Window Valances

If you want to add window valances but in a style different from those old, classic ones that have much detail and layers, then this post will inspire you with ideas that are all modern, cool, and suitable for different rooms of the house. Window valances shown here are so simple and can be easily done in no time and using simple touches. If you want to make a different touch in your room and make it really eye catching, you can add grass window valances. These are totally nonconventional and will make a nice touch into the room while using simple grass. For your girl’s room, you can add cheetah print valances and match them with your bedding and for a lovely touch, add some pink ribbons to make scalloped valances; these look really cute. For boys, you can add a simple cowboy strip with another fabric to make a masculine touch that your boy will love. For your kids, you can put many cool window valances; you can add fabrics with cartoon characters like animals for the perfect look for kids. Window valances made of galvanized steel are really innovative and look totally different, try them out.

Window Valances 1

Window Valances 2

Window Valances 3

Window Valances 4

Window Valances 5

Window Valances 6

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