Cool Portable Computer For Kids From Roundbox

Cool Portable Kids Computer

This is a new play designed for kids from age 5 to 14, it’s called Roundbox and consists of a portable computer in an innovative round shape. Roundbox looks very cool and could please any kid especially boys because they are interested in technology more than girls at this age. Roundbox can entertain your kid as well as teach him. This mini-computer contains in fact a lot of educational functions as well as funny programs and games designed especially to increase the kids’ intelligence and develop their skills. It also includes a TV, a DVD player, a video game console and a digital camera. In addition to that, it comes with a special pen because the screen can be used as a functional drawing board. It’s easy to open and use, with an adjustable screen that can be turned and folded on the keyboard for an easy carrying in case of using it as a drawing board.

Cool Portable Kids Computer Rounbox 1

Cool Portable Kids Computer Rounbox 2

Cool Portable Kids Computer Rounbox 3

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