Cool Music Themes for Teen Bedrooms

Teen Bedrooms

Whether pop, rock, house or R & B, what is sure is that music has a special place in teen’s life. They listen to it all day, in the morning, in transport, while playing sports or in their rooms. In short, all these are good reasons for making music the theme of the decoration of their room. If you are interested in the idea and need more inspiration, check out the pictures below. In the young musician’s room, do not hesitate to use their musical instruments in decoration; guitar, violin, drums or keyboard. Also use musical motifs like headphones, guitar, musical notes, the silhouette of a person dancing in accessories like rugs and fabrics. Here’s an original idea for all romantic young girls obsessed by music; a series of music sheets decorating the wall and creating a very soft & poetic look to the bedroom. Also note that the music theme would perfectly match with a pop room decoration; highlight the daring colors on walls by graphic patterns in vinyl for some cool music motifs which will subtly brighten the wall. Each teen has a group, a singer, a musical style and a series of favorite songs. If you want to use those things in his room decoration, you can offer him a DJ mixer, a stereo system, computer, speakers, a carefully selected playlist, a CD collection old 33 rpm so that you create a small DJ corner inside the room; this little world will reflect as it should the favorite music range of your child and enrich the decor.

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