Converse Sneakers For Girls and Boys

kids converse

Converse is presenting a wonderful collection of original shoes for kids, boys and girls, combining both comfort and an attractive look. It includes a huge variety of sneakers, athletic shoes, boots, and others. Sneakers are colorful and joyful to please your kids and satisfy their passion for lively colors; they are presented in classic oxford silhouette with stretch lace closure, soft textile lining, iconic rubber-shell toe and All-Star® logo on tongue and heel. For girls, there is a plenty of girlish colors such as pink, purple, red, green, yellow, etc., and cute patterns like funny prints of animals or fruits. Converse sneakers for boys are made of same durable & high quality materials and offer the same comfort but in more masculine yet cool looks and colors. In addition to sneakers, Converse presents for both girls and boys a very nice collection of hi-top sneakers also made of smooth lining texture with lace-up closure and iconic rubber shell toe and available in the same cool colors and funny patterns. The “Back to School” section includes a lot of models providing maximum comfort in a trendy & fashionable look; made of soft lining textile with padded footbed, it allows your kid to play freely and feel comfortable during his long school day. Many colors are available such as black, navy, red, white, gray and many others. The advantage of Converse is that it provides in each model all sizes from infants ant toddlers to the youth. Girls’ boots look so stylish and fashionable in the classic Converse style but with a more lovely twist to bring the nice and adorable casual look. Boots are available in different sizes from infants to the youth.

Converse Sneakers 2011

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